Making our own history

By Mike

While I stand in the cold distributing One Step Away, I know tomorrow brings success. Never alone. With two other brothers striving for a difference, we work for the same dream. My younger brother Kyriq is the most ambitious, positive individual in my circle. His encouragement and push has really kept me motivated through my storms in life. I remember when Kyriq and I were 8 and 7 years old, selling candy for small change. We always discussed different ideas on how we could get ahead. My brother Ralph is highly intelligent and dedicated. Ralph has had a big impact on my life by encouraging me to read and write. Reading and writing have become a hobby for me over the past few years.

I’ve always been into drawing and putting my words into a picture. Since I’ve started writing I’ve been able to reach out to many people through my articles in One Step Away. I remember changing Ralph’s diapers, I remember him looking up to me. Now it’s me, him and Kyriq catching the train on cold rainy days. We were never crabs in a bucket; we always motivated one another. The three of us kept high expectations and believed in success. We stuck together and helped each other through whatever obstacle we’d face.

The three of us work together with One Step Away. While struggling to keep a home and pushing my son toward first grade it seemed like I was fighting a losing battle. So I stayed close to my motivated, intelligent brothers. As I calculate my thoughts and plan every day to accomplish my goals I’ve enhanced my life. Every morning I wake up with the motivation, hope, faith and drive toward success. Still striving on a journey toward success, I manage to blank out the negative energy that has held me back for the longest. Thanking God and the true people that have a decent understanding of me as a person. With motivation, my son and I caught up with our education and now he is going to the first grade.

Kyriq and I are staying focused on our business venture, Brothers Dogs, LLC. As we continue on and work hard to get our business cranked up, I believe it’s only a matter of time before we will have more to offer besides our inspiring articles, once our business is in full effect. As brothers in today’s time I believe we have made history by sticking together and staying strong. We talked about that during Black History Month – we want to come together and build something and make our own history.