Look who’s reading us now: Danny Glover

Darrell, left, from One Step Away, meets actor and director Danny Glover at a recent Witness to Innocence event at Friends Center

By Darrell

I was blessed to not only meet the legendary actor, producer, and philanthropist Danny Glover, but I also had a chance to hear him speak at the Witness to Innocence 10-year celebration, and gave Mr. Glover a copy of One Step Away, Philadelphia’s street newspaper produced and distributed by people experiencing homelessness.

We chatted briefly about Mr. Glover's commitment to abolishing the death penalty. (Look for my story on Danny Glover and Witness to Innocence in the current issue of One Step Away).

In addition to an amazing speech, Mr. Glover stayed afterward and signed every autograph, took every picture, had time for everyone. The nice people at Witness to Innocence warned us all that he might not be available for a lot of things after the event, but Danny Glover was amazing. And he took a genuine interest in One Step Away, which was just thrilling. 

When I arrived at the Friends Center to attend the event, I was very excited to be a part of a very special evening. Witness to Innocence is really, truly making a difference in supporting people who have been exonerated after serving time on death row. Mr. Glover spoke about how he became involved with the organization and how it plans to bring more awareness and continue to speak out against unjust incarcerations. 

I also had the opportunity to hear Sister Helen Prejean speak on how she came to write “Dead Man Walking,” and how the book and movie helped change the way we talk about the death penalty. Sister Helen, along with Mr. Glover, both were very passionate about their zeal for Witness to Innocence.

I was honored to be asked by One Step Away Director Emily Taylor and Editor Kevin Roberts to attend this event. I am all about making a difference in a positive way. The recent issues regarding the economy has put everyone, young and old, in a position to come together to get us past this trying time. It will not only take everyone changing their mindset, but it will take everyone reaching within themselves to help rebuild America into the Land of Liberty, Justice, Equality and Prosperity at every level. That is what we sing in our various anthems. The time has come for all of us to start living what we sing by each of us helping one another.

Attending this event, and meeting Mr. Danny Glover, helped me to stay inspired and feel empowered.