Kiel dumps LSU for Notre Dame, thanks to mom

   Stud quarterback Gunner Kiel has called yet another audible, this time late in the second half, committing to Notre Dame after making a verbal to LSU in the past month after originally committing to Indiana.

   Kiel is considered by some to be one of the top five quarterback prospects in the nation and is quite a coup. But remember, Jimmy Clausen, Dayne Crist, Ron Powlus and even uncle Blair, from back in the day, were national phenoms.

  But word from back home in Columbus, Ohio is that Gunner's mom didn't want her son to go that far away from home, so LSU's loss is now Notre Dame's gain.

   Maybe mom has a codocil that allows him to bail if Anger Management Kelly yells at her son on national TV. If every quarterback had that provision in his letter of intent, Notre Dame would be playing the single wing.