Happy St. Patrick's Day Notre Dame fans

Dear fans,

  Don't drink too much Guinness so you can enjoy a full day of green jerseys Thursday. Or just set your VCR ... er ... DVR ... to Versus and watch them when you're sober. Have a shamrock shake at McDonald's on me. 

  You can't miss the Snow Bowl, when Rick Mirer beat the dreaded Blue and White (5 p.m. Versus). My poor wife wasn't even born yet, so this one will be particularly sweet if I can get her off Twiitter for five minutes.

  As for the Bush Push game, I don't understand why anyone would want to watch this game again. Either the clock stops and the ball goes back to the 3-yard line, or the ball goes on the 1 but the clock keeps running. At least Matt Leinart and Dwayne Jarrett have had stellar pro careers. (7 p.m.)

   Now the best part, Notre Dame 31, National Champions 24 ... any t shirts out there? Send me an XXLT. Of course, if Pete Bercich doesn't drop the interception on the last drive, Boston College doesn't kick the knuckleball lefty field goal and Kevin McDougal becomes legend. (9 p.m.)

   I will then go to sleep and dream in black and white about these three games:

    Notre Dame 10, Michigan State 10: Without Nick Eddy and Terry Hanratty, they still outplayed Bubba Smith and the Spartans in East Lansing. Ara got bad pub for far too long. Let's play OT now and see who wins. Hanratty has plenty left in him, heck, he's got a kid going to South Bend this fall. Plenty of young blood in those legs.

    Notre Dame 26, Purdue 14: Leroy Keyes takes a fumble and goes 98 yards and the No. 2 Boilermakers are rolling. But Nick Eddy runs the ensuing kickoff back 100 yards and the race is on. Two hours later Jim Seymour is legend and every kid on my block is wearing No. 85.

    Notre Dame 24, Texas 11 (1971 Cotton Bowl). Joe Theismann ended Texas' 30-game winning streak and every kid on my block switched to Tom Gatewood. Ara outcoached Darrell Royal, whose claim to fame in my book is that he recruited Mickey Mantle to play football.