What Do You Want to Know about Medicaid in NJ? New Website Has Answers

Healthcare advocates, policy organizations, government officials, and curious patients can better explore public data related to New Jersey’s Medicaid program, thanks to a website the state has established to improve the transparency and operation of the system.

The state Department of Human Services, which oversees New Jersey’s Medicaid (or NJ FamilyCare) program, has launched the first version of its NJ FamilyCare Data Dashboard, a website officials said will be continuously updated and outfitted with new features in the weeks and months to come.

The interactive site currently includes FamilyCare enrollment data, broken down by age, sex, county and program type; enrollment trends dating back to 2014; and a timeline of key policy changes. The data allows those interested in public policy to better understand how the program has grown and changed over the years, who participants are and where they live — information that can help officials focus funding and other resources or adjust elements of the Medicaid program.

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