Segregation in New Jersey, Neither Chance nor Accident

New Jersey’s segregated housing pattern is the result of decades of government-sponsored policies, and it will take a new civil rights movement to begin to integrate the state. Even better: Gov. Phil Murphy should lead the effort.

That’s the opinion of Richard Rothstein, distinguished fellow of the Economic Policy Institute and author of “The Color of Law.” He was speaking to about 300 civil rights and fair-housing advocates at Seton Hall Law School on Wednesday.

“I would tell him (Murphy) to acknowledge on behalf of the state of New Jersey that we have an unconstitutional segregation of housing and ask him to begin to educate the constituents to take action,” Rothstein said. “I’d ask him to be a moral leader and explain to the people of New Jersey how this happened, take responsibility for it, and ask the people of New Jersey for help changing it,” he added.

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