Opinion: Nuclear Subsidy Bill Could Spell End of Solar Sector

Seemingly lost in the high-octane squabble over legislation to subsidize operation of PSEG's nuclear power plants is the potentially fatal harm that a recent version of the bill will do to solar energy's future in New Jersey. Put bluntly, there may not be any, unless the bill, S-877, is quickly amended, since passage is predicted by March 26.

This collateral damage is threatened despite Gov. Phil Murphy's campaign commitment to promote solar and its critical role in preventing the worst impacts of global climate change — such as the flooding of much of the Jersey Shore due to rising sea levels triggered by global warming and our dependence on fossil fuels.

A recent study by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), titled "New Jersey Faces Chronic Inundation," finds that if current trends continue, some 21 Jersey Shore towns will be "chronically flooded" by 2035. And by 2100, more than 100 New Jersey coastal municipalities — including much of Newark and Elizabeth — will face the same watery fate, "second only to Louisiana," according to the UCS study.

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