The Hottest Seats in the House: Guide to NJ’s Most-Contested Primaries

This story is part of a regular series exploring where the candidates stand on major issues and assessing key considerations in this year’s elections. Follow these links for an overview of the legislative landscape; the candidates’ plans to ease New Jersey’s fiscal crisis; why the Democrats favor single-payer healthcare; and the reasons the Republicans are cool on the ACA replacement bill.

With one of the largest fields in recent history — 278 candidates for 120 seats — New Jersey's Senate and Assembly primary races this year are turning more heads than usual.

Nineteen out of the state's 40 legislative districts are playing host to contested primaries, with a handful featuring real dogfights. Some of them are being waged over seats left open by retiring or upwardly mobile incumbents; others, however, are taking place between established lawmakers and outsiders hoping to change how business gets done in Trenton.

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