Opinion: Are Gov. Chris Christie’s Pot Policies ‘Beyond Stupidity’?

As if to solidify his reputation as one of the worst governors in modern New Jersey history, Chris Christie in a speech on May 1 to the New Jersey Hospital Association castigated legislative proposals to legalize, regulate, and tax private, adult-marijuana use as “beyond stupidity.”

Although the push for legalization is bipartisan, Christie harshly singled out only Democrats, fingering them for “bringing this poison to our kids” in craven pursuit of “blood money” gained from taxing the regulated sale of cannabis — despite the voter-approved initiatives legalizing and taxing pot in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, as well as our nation’s capital, Washington D.C.

Displaying anew his distaste for civility, Christie rampaged against “people like (Democrats) Nick Scutari and Steve Sweeney and Phil Murphy (who) want to bring this poison, legalized into the state … Then why not legalize heroin? Let’s legalize cocaine! Let’s legalize angel dust. Let’s legalize all of it. What’s the difference?”

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