In Second GOP Debate, Guadagno and Ciattarelli Trade Shots About Taxes

The two major Republican hopefuls for the gubernatorial nomination tried to distinguish themselves during their second and final debate Thursday night, with much of the discussion focused on disagreements over who would raise taxes.

and Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli from Somerset County sparred on a wide range of other issues, which included gun control, funding for women’s health centers, and transportation infrastructure during the hour-long debate co-sponsored by NJTV News and NJ Spotlight.

Their encounter touched on many of the same topics as their first debate last week, but the candidates were a bit testier. Several times, Ciattarelli called Guadagno “hypocritical” and said she has been telling “blatant lies” about his tax restructuring plan on her flyers. Guadagno was generally kinder, but kept hammering her contention, which he says is a lie, that his plan will raise taxes.

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