Trio of Hospitals Continues Legal Challenge to Omnia Insurance Network

Nearly 18 months after they filed suit against Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield to reveal details of how it formed its Omnia insurance network, hospital leaders and their attorneys may get to review documents and correspondence they believe are at the heart of their case.

But officials with Horizon, the state’s largest health insurance provider, said the drawn-out litigation is only distracting from more important battles: protecting federal funding for healthcare and working together to control costs while improving patient care.

Michael Furey, an attorney representing the three hospital systems that remain in the lawsuit —four others dropped out after they reached agreements with Horizon — said he expected to begin taking depositions in May from several large hospital systems that were among those that received a preferential listing in the Omnia plan. Furey said the goal is to learn more about any advance conversations they had with Horizon regarding participation in the network. The depositions relate to claims pending in New Jersey Superior Court, in Bergen County.

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