Western Pennsylvania Former U.S. Attorney Criticized for Hotel Expenses

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review have named Mary Beth Buchanan, a former U.S. Attorney for western Pennsylvania, as one of the five U.S. Attorneys cited by a U.S. Department of Justice Inspector General report for exceeding government-approved rates for hotel stays without proper justification.

Buchanan told the Pittsburgh-Tribune Review that she disagreed with details and conclusions in the report, which was released Monday.

According to the report, Buchanan submitted 68 vouchers including reimbursement for lodging, more than half of which exceeded the government rate. "This U.S. Attorney exceeded the government rate at the greatest cost to the Department and most often exceeded the government rate by more than $100 per night," the report said.

Buchanan was identified as U.S. Attorney B and Gov. Christie, also a former federal prosecutor, was identified as U.S. Attorney C. No word yet on Attorneys A, D, and E.

The Justice Department's review covered travel from 2007 to 2009.

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