Weekend Reading: tax deductions, college aid cuts, election upheaval?

There's plenty of news and opinion trickling out about the state budget. Here are some highlights from the weekend and just before:

Record columnist Charlie Stile says Corzine may not feel the political impact of axing the property tax deduction that Republicans predict. Stile reasons that even though the deduction suspension can cost families hundreds of dollars in higher income taxes - $219 on average, according to the administration, but far higher for those paying the average $7,000 property tax bill - voters won't know because it will just be another line on their income tax forms, and because they won't feel the hit until next April, five months after Election Day.

Also on the budget, Gannett's Mike Symons reports that colleges may get into the furlough game, too, after receiving a $40 million cut in operating support.

The Star-Ledger focused on a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that might - at least Republicans hope might - force the state to redraw New Jersey's election map. Such a move would be a massive upheaval in a state where most legislative districts are safely tilted to one party, and could reshape who controls majorities in the Senate and Assembly. Josh Margolin and Ted Sherman had the story.

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