The Christie administration so far, in a sound byte

Gov. Christie signed his 15th executive order today, this one requiring state authorities to fire their lobbyists as soon as legally allowed and barring them from hiring new ones.

With this order included, Christie has set a pace of signing one every 2.4 days, including weekends. The governor has also vetoed the minutes of several authorities to block spending, unilaterally stopped $1.6 billion in state expenditures and taken other steps to close a $2.2 billion budget deficit -- delivering a speech to the full Legislature to make his point. In sum, it's been a fast-paced start to the Christie administration, though with some setbacks: one veto actually blocked less spending than first thought, as reported by the Inquirer's Maya Rao, and another executive order -- on affordable housing -- has been put on hold by the courts.

In response to a question about the veto that saved less than hoped, Christie today seemed to concisely sum up the tenor of his administration so far:

"We're thrashing around here doing the best we can. We got left with an awful mess to have to deal with and each day we're trying to take as aggressive action as we can. Some days we'll knock it out of the park and some days we won't, but it won't stop us from continuing to swing at fixing this problem."

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