Runyan talks politics, Obama, a little

Former Eagles offensive lineman Jon Runyan, who said this week he plans to run for Congress in South Jersey's Third District, didn't talk to the Jersey media on the day of his announcement, but spoke a bit to Associated Press reporters in California covering his new deal with the San Diego Chargers.

His impetus for running, according to AP: Congress needs change.

"Something has to be changed. I mean, you talk about career politicians and the way this country is going, you've got to try something different because it's not working," Runyan told the wire service Wednesday.

Asked his opinion on President Obama, Runyan said "I'm staying away from that one," according to AP.

As for moving from the football field to campaign, the 13-year National Football League veteran said politics is "something that I'm interested in and something I have a lot to learn about, but it would definitely take the beating off my body." He called his passion for football "mostly stupidity."

In a statement, he said this season would be his last one.

At least one prominent Republican, though, has questioned whether Runyan will truly leave football behind after this season and focus on campaigning for next November's election. George Gilmore, the influential Ocean County Republican chairman, said that was a concern.

The Third District includes much of Burlington and Ocean counties, both GOP strongholds that last year battled over which area's candidate would be the Republican nominee. Runyan lives in Mount Holly, Burlington County. Gilmore said some Ocean County Republicans are still interested in running for the nomination.

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