Report: Corzine to be a regular on CNBC

Former Gov. Corzine plans to be a regular on CNBC, according to a Star-Ledger report posted on

Corzine will be a commentator and possibly a morning show guest host, according to the report. He also has plans to lecture at Princeton University. Corzine, who was on the cable channel last weekend, was a regular there during the run up to last year's election. Hosting a television show may seem an odd choice for a governor who was not known as a riveting speaker, but Corzine has said he plans to remain a progressive voice in the public debate. And he was a giant figure in the world of finance - leading Goldman Sachs - before turning to politics.

Corzine also plans to return to the private sector, where he was an investment banker before turning to politics. In January, as he was leaving office, Corzine told us, "If I'm not working when I'm 75, maybe even longer than that, I'd be very disappointed in my work ethic."

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