Reaction to Christie comes quick

After years of anticipating a Chris Christie candidacy, reporters and editorial boards had plenty to say when he announced he was in Thursday.

The Record's Charles Stile tempers some of the initial enthusiasm.

"The looming primary will not be an easy run," Stile writes.

He says former Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan and Morris County Assemblyman Rick Merkt could be tough opponents in the Republican primary.

And Stile adds a bit of history, noting that three former state Attorneys General failed in primary bids.

But he comes back with this observation: that Christie has the luster so many other recent Republican candidates have lacked.

"The Republicans just have no star in their batting order other than Chris Christie," Patrick Murray, a Monmouth University pollster, tells the columnist.

The paper's editorial page notes that Christie will get the attention, but still has to outline his vision for the state.

Meanwhile, the Courier-News in Bridgewater also notes that Christie's policy positions are still unknown, but still goes on to endorse him in the Republican primary. The editorial page says his corruption-fighting credentials are enough.

"We urge Republicans to clear Christie's path through the primary and let their best candidate go right after Corzine," the page argues.

For his part, the governor wasn't biting today.

At an unrelated news conference, Corzine was asked about Christie's candidacy and said it was "not unexpected."

"My priority is the economy, making sure we can do everything we can to get our people through this challenging, painful economic time," Corzine said.

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