Christie jokes about his poor sense of direction

Pollsters love to ask whether people think the country is headed in the right direction.

In a speech to the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Wednesday, Gov. Christie joked about his terrible sense of direction.

"I was on the phone with someone this morning and he said to me, 'Where is this speech you’re giving in Philadelphia,' and I said, 'I have absolutely no idea. I know it’s in Philadelphia and when the car stops and when I see a state trooper standing on the sidewalk, I’ll know we’re close.'"

For the record, the event took place at 200 South Broad Street. 

After getting some laughs, Christie continued, apparently off-script.

"I have among the worst senses of direction, I think it’s conservative to say in New Jersey and probably in America," Christie said. "This is how bad my sense of direction is - you know when you get to that corner and you don’t know which way you’re going, if you should go right or left and your instinct tells you to go right? So I say well I must be wrong so I’m going to go left. Then I start second guessing whether the left is the incorrect way to go because that’s also my instinct. That’s about where I am."

Perhaps feeling comfortable in a friendly crowd, the governor also took a few digs at Democratic legislators.

Speaking of the income tax surcharge on individuals and small businesses that earn over $400,000 annually, Christie said, "They call this the Millionaire’s Tax. That may tell you about some of the education of some of the people in the Legislature, but $400,000 is not a millionaire. But only in the world of the Democratic caucus is someone who has income of over $100,000 a millionaire."

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