Jersey pol charged with public urination at DC club

In a state like New Jersey, it takes some effort for a politician to really stand out for bad behavior. But Jersey City Councilman Steven Lipski has easily cleared the bar.

Lipski was arrested on Friday after he allegedly drunkenly urinated on party-goers at a Washington D.C. club. The New York Daily News had the gory details, and a follow up in which Lipsky says he is giving up alcohol.

According to the Daily News and the Jersey Journal, Lipski has told associates that he only spilled a drink, and that there was a minsunderstanding. Lipsky directs a Jersey City charter school.

Jersey City, the second largest city in New Jersey and seat of a county - Hudson - notorious for bare-knuckle politics and corruption - has had its share of alcohol-related mishaps in recent years.

In 2006 Mayor Jerramiah Healy was wrestled to the ground and arrested at the Jersey Shore after allegedly butting into a police investigation into a dispute; Healy maintains he was trying to calm things down and police over reacted.

In 2004 pictures of Healy, naked and apparently unconcious on his porch after drinking, circulated on the Internet. He was elected mayor a short time later.

The DC blogger Wonkette quips that with this history, Lipsky must be planning a run for mayor.

The Daily News stories:

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