GlouCo Republican calls for ending all dual office holding

All New Jersey officials would be limited to holding one public salary under a bill being pushed by Gloucester County Republican Domenick DiCicco, an Assemblyman serving his first term.

The plan would end the "grandfathering" clause that lets sitting elected officials hold two or more posts. It would also bar anyone who holds public office from also holding a second salaried job at any level of government.

"When a significant portion of New Jersey residents can't even find one job, our elected officials should not be able to garner multiple high-paying jobs," DiCicco said in a news release. "In order to properly fulfill the responsibilities of an elected office, I believe a choice should be made as to which constituency one wishes to represent."

While much of the focus of dual office holding has been on those who have two elected posts -- a Senator who is also a mayor, for example -- this would also apply to those who have appointed jobs.

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