Christie to Oliver: Come Talk To Me

At a press conference last week, Gov. Christie, in railing about how the Legislature has not moved fast enough on his "toolkit" to reform property taxes, complained that while his door was always open, he wasn't even receiving visits from lawmakers to talk about specific concerns they had over his proposals.

Christie specifically singled out Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver (D., Essex).

"[Senate President Stephen] Sweeney [D., Gloucester] wanders down here all the time with no appointment," Christie told reporters on Oct. 18. "You know what happens? Whoever’s in there with me gets kicked out. If they’re in the building, they show up,  they get to see the governor, unless I'm not here. They come in and see me whenever they want."

"I’ve reached out a number of times to Sheila," Christie said. Asked by a reporter to clarify the remark, he said he had invited her a number of times, that she had said she would come, and then failed to appear.

Oliver had a different take.

"I think what the governor was enhancing a little bit is that he has always expressed he has an open door policy," Oliver said in an interview. "I've been to the governor's office before, I've been up to sit and talk with him but every day, I'm not going to come sit on the governor's doorstep. He has work to do. I have work to do."

"He enhanced that description a little bit, as if I had a 2 p.m. appointment and I just didn't show. I think he was seeking to communicate that his door was always open and maybe I don't come knock on his door as often as he would like," she added.

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