There is no better dance partner than a mop

“ There is no better dance partner than a mop, you always get to take the lead.”  - Opa

I have some choice words to describe my Saturday and Sunday morning activity – and none of them involve any rug cutting. I have been working at my family’s restaurant since I entered high school. I am employed at a number of positions, most frequently as a cashier and a janitor. I never went in during operational hours when I was diagnosed and going through treatment. I wanted to work, but I didn’t want to see anybody. The questions about my general state of being got old enough hearing them from the people I see everyday. If I added all the questioning of the regular costumers and employees, I would have probably gone insane.

Cleaning is different than cashiering. I usually see three people, my father, my Oma, and Werner, who is an ex baker who helps janitor and makes the strudel and spätzle. Sometimes I saw my Opa’s friends who still come in every Saturday, but I mostly worked on Sundays. I enjoy this menial labor because it gives me time to think. I can throw on my headphones, run through the repetitive motions and be alone with my thoughts. It was, and still is, a kind of therapy for me. But now, mostly, it is a way to earn cash for my road trip.

Founded forty years ago by my Opa, the Austrian Village is located in the heart of Rockledge. Though Opa passed last year, my father, aunt and Oma continue to keep the place serving top notch German and American food six days a week. We hope to see you there sometime!