Choosing water on the rocks over rum and cokes for this dry 22-year-old

Last blog I commented on my potential cirrhosis and how, as of now, the only thing I know that I have to do is cut out alcohol. I know abstaining from the bottle is a foreign concept to most 22-year-olds, especially after only being able to legally imbibe for a year. But for me, from now on, when I go to bars with my friends it will be Philly water on the rocks over rum and cokes.

I was fortunate enough to get to drink a few times over winter break, before I had to give it up for good. I had not been able to drink since the previous spring due to my chemotherapy regimen, as well as the blood thinners I had to take after my pulmonary embolism this summer. Going to the bar was fun, yet a little challenging though, I still was watching my intake and since it was my first time drinking again everyone offered to buy me drinks (and some people do not understand the concept of no thank you). So, for future reference, water will suffice if you see me at a bar and want to get me a drink.

Alcohol and I have had a rather tumultuous relationship since we met when I was sixteen in the woods by the bowling alley. It has put strains on my relationship with my family, and tightened the relationships I have with my friends. I have made plenty of mistakes while drinking, and had many great times as well, but it is nothing that I cannot do while I am sober. Once again I am going to take this restraint my health has put on my life in stride. I know that I do not need it, and it can only be beneficial to my health.