Villanova's strategic plan goes viral

On Jan. 23, representatives from Villanova University were set up to present their Lancaster Avenue campus developments to the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners. But the passing of Rev. William McGuire, the former senior vice president for administration and from 1998 to 2006, pushed plans back so everyone could attend the late Villanova administrator’s funeral.

Before the postponement of the event, the Garrett Hill Coalition released an update encouraging residents from all over the township to attend the meeting so community members could be well-versed in the plans. The university’s expansion initiative requires several zoning ordinances in order for Villanova to build a new residence hall and parking garage, among other projects.

“They are seeking local community support and wish to be sensitive to community concerns,” the GHC update reads. “It seems that the path to earn community trust is for VU to truly recognize and mitigate any adverse impacts – investing in their future as well as the greater community.”

We’re talking with GHC Chair Patti Barker later this week, but today on Twitter, Villanova posted something mirroring the community statement the GHC wrote. Under the guise, “Be a part of our new strategic plan,” the university shows flashes of a new Lancaster Avenue as well as other goals to expand academically.

Without seeing a full presentation of Villanova’s plans in front of the Board of Commissioners, do you have any thoughts about the university’s broadening campus?