Right Plan for Radnor responds to attacks

In response to an article that appeared in the Inquirer today by Kathy Boccella, the Right Plan for Radnor issued this statement condemning the university's silence:


Statement by Right Plan for Radnor on the Philadelphia Inquirer Story Today

We Call on the Administration of Villanova and Our Elected Officials to Denounce these Attacks.

Right Plan for Radnor was deeply saddened today when the administration of Villanova University failed to immediately denounce these statements which are not reflective of the University; its students, their Alumni, fans or in any way admonish these posters for their behavior. 

We realize the university has no control over the content.  However, if the University administration won't say anything for the students of Villanova, their Alumni, or their fans Right Plan for Radnor will. 

Right Plan for Radnor and the residents of Radnor Township knows that these posters in no way, shape or form reflect the vast, vast majority of Villanova students, alumni and fans.  These few Villanova alumni and fans do not reflect the character of the entire Villanova community, and the positive impact the University has in Radnor and throughout the Delaware Valley.  

We ask the University administration, as a responsible community partner, to immediately denounce these attacks on their neighbors.  The administration of Villanova is asking Radnor to trust it in seeking one of the largest zoning exemptions in Radnor history.   Unfortunately the administration feels trust is a one way street.

Community partners don’t hide behind weak statements when their neighbors are attacked.   We ask Father Peter Donohue to do the right thing.  Denounce these attacks.  Let your voice be the voice of reason.  It’s what good neighbors do. 

If the administration of Villanova will not denounce these attacks we call on our Board of Commissioners to, in a united way, denounce these attacks. 

Right Plan for Radnor looks forward to working with the University, Radnor Township residents and our elected officials to develop the best plan for Radnor’s seniors, and families.  A plan that benefits our township in the immediate future and for generations to come.