Final 2011-2012 Main Line Art Center exhibit Friday, June 1

After an exciting year that's included its 75-year history celebration and its sixth annual "One Night Stand" exhibit for emerging artists, the Main Line Art Center will conclude its 2011-2012 with an exhibition of art created by the founding members of its new Professional Artist Membership program. 

The Haverford-based Art Center's Professional Artists' Exhibition runs May 23 to June 13, but art goers will have the opportunity to meet the exhibition's artists and purchase their work during the public reception this Friday, June 1 from 6 to 9 p.m.

The Professional Artist Membership program was developed out of the Art Center's desire to support the careers of professional artists by providing exhibition and advanced career development opportunities, as well as visibility. 

Members underwent a rigorous application process in the fall that evaluated each artist's educational background, exhibition participation and gallery experience, after which 73 artists were chosen. Among them are painters, photographers, sculptors, mixed media artists and so on. 

Throughout the year, the Art Center highlighted each Professional Artist member on its Facebook and Twitter, as well as its new webpage and gallery on the center's website. 

The Founding Members of the Center's Professional Artist Membership Program include Deena Ball, Lori Banks, Al Barker, Sarah Barr Elaine Bass, Beverly Benson, Trina Brand, Elizabeth Breakell, Dot Bunn, Carol Collins, Karen Love Cooler, Pia De Girolamo, Suzanne Pitak Davis, Joanne DeMartino, Michael Diven, Marlene B. Dubin, Teresa McWilliams Farina, Marge Feldman, Deborah Fine, Ruth Formica, Nikolai Fox, Linda Dubin Garfield, Barbara Glickman, Georgianna Grentzenberg, Antonio Grimaldi, Bonnie Gross, Nancy E. F. Halbert, Barbara Hanselman, Dwight Harris, Louise Herring, Mary Powers Holt, Vitta Horwitz, Mary Kane, Meg Kennedy, Diane Lachman, Alice Laputka, Marilyn Lavins, Monique Lazard, Deborah Leavy, Kathryn Lee, Victoria McNeil Le Vine, Dale Levy, L. C. Lim, Elaine Lisle, Carla Lombardi, Sandi Neiman Lovitz, Wendy McClatchy, L.A. Mestishen, Bonnie Mettler, Betsy Miraglia, Lee Musin, Bernice Paul, Doris Peltzman, Jean Plough, Laura Pritchard, Eva Ramanuskas, Dorothy Roschen, Jerri Ross, Rona Satten, Maria Schneider, Antoinette Seymour, Margaret Shattuck, Tad Sperry, Karen Steen, Susan Stefanski, Christine Stoughton, Nancy Tabas, Nury Vicens, Susan Wallack, Marylyn Waltzer, Hanni Weinstock, Ruth Wolf, Armen Yepoyan.

The public reception on Friday is free and open to the public, and will showcase the artists' 2- and 3-D works.

To learn more about the exhibit and the Art Center, click here