Conan parodies response to Harriton senior's viral video

Harriton High School senior Jackie Milestone got a response to the YouTube video she created for Yale University, but it wasn't from the Ivy League school's admissions office.

Comedian Conan O'Brien caught wind of the video, which has nearly 25,000 views to date, and showed a response from "Yale admissions" on his Thursday, March 1 TBS late night show.

The parody video features three admissions officers singing about the Narberth resident's application, which they rejected.

"Next time write a better essay, do better on your SAT, make a large cash donation or lie about your family tree," one of the fake personnel sings. "A viral video decides your fate, good luck next year at Arizona State."

One of the officers is later shown shedding layer after layer of t-shirts and sweatshirts containing different ways of saying "no," similar to a segment in Milestone's video where she removes multiple layers of Yale shirts and hoodies. 

Milestone finished and uploaded the video in late Februrary after she received news that her early action application was deferred.

The 18-year-old high school student wrote and sung the lyrics to the music video and had from her older sister, who shot and edited the video. Milestone recorded and edited the video's sound with Lower Merion High School friends and creators of BamBam Studios, Stefan Richter and Jake Goodman.

Milestone won't hear back from Yale until early April.

Watch the video from TBS's Conan: