Cleland could go without a contract beyond March 7

Attributing busy schedules, Commissioner Rick Churchill said Township Manager Doug Cleland's contract might not be ready to review and approve by March 7. The Board of Commissioners tabled the agenda item at the Feb. 15 meeting earlier this month.

"We have a negotiating committee of three people, plus Doug," Churchill said. "We're all kind of busy people, and we have to coordinate schedules."

Cleland is currently working without a contract, and continues to negotiate with Commissioners Scott Zelov, Daniel Bernheim and Churchill to agree on a deal that will be presented to the rest of the board as well as the public.

"Four or five years ago, there were some commissioners who were uncomfortable when they were provided with the township manager's contract and the amount of time they had to look over it," Churchill said. "I don't want that to happen again. We should allow a reasonable amount of time for the Board of Commissioners to examine the contract and for the public to review."

Other than a busy schedule, negotiations continue regarding how much Cleland's salary is. His most recent contract agreed on a $193,324 salary as well as $15,466 in deferred compensation and a $15,569 longevity bonus.

"Doug is an excellent manager," Churchill said, "and excellence should be rewarded."

As we research the salaries of other township managers, let us know how much you value your township manager's salary. Do you think he or she is adequately compensated or overcompensated?