Counselors shot campers with air pistol, police say

Lower Merion Police are investigating two 17-year-old part-time summer township employees, both of them playground counselors at General Wayne Park in Merion Station, for allegedly discharging an airsoft pistol on two summer day campers late Wednesday morning.

The two, whose names were not released because of their age, are said to have struck two 12-year-old boys. One boy was struck on the pinky finger and another was struck in the back, on his upper shoulder blade. Both children were deemed unharmed by a summer camp supervisor, who said the plastic projectiles caused no marks on the boys.

“Both employees are suspended without pay, with the intent to dismiss,” said Lower Merion Parks and Recreation Department Director Lindsay Taylor, who referred the matter to Township police.

Most of the other General Wayne Park day campers were swimming at a township pool when the incident occurred.

As of 4:30 p.m., Lower Merion Township Police Supervisor Michael McGrath said officers were following up with the parents of the two children and two teens involved. No charges have been filed at this time.