My Daughter's Kitchen

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Week 7: How do you convince kids to eat cauliflower over KFC? Teach them to cook!

Maureen Fitzgerald
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Week 7: Strawberry shortcake

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Week 7: Flavors in every forkful

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Week 7: An adventuresome spirit to try new tastes

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Week 7: Many discoveries

Teaching kids to cook healthy, simple, affordable meals is the mission of My Daughter’s Kitchen, a partnership of The Philadelphia Inquirer and Vetri Community Partnership. For eight weeks in the fall and spring, volunteers teach students to cook dinner for six for under $20, then share it family-style. Maureen Fitzgerald, food editor of the Inquirer, started the program at one school in 2012, inspired by the lessons she taught her own daughter. It is now in 30 schools in Philadelphia and Camden.