Would the tacos be as tasty as Taco Bell’s?

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Edwin Colon, Omar Balouch, and Nicholas Nguyen sample the turkey and mushroom tacos that they learned to make during week 6 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Visitation School.

Learning to make tacos proved to be as enjoyable as eating them.  Prep work kept everyone busy chopping, measuring, mixing, coating and dredging before sautéing and baking week 6’s recipes.  While waiting for dinner to ready, table-setting, some cleanup and lots of excited conversation got underway.  Would the tacos be as tasty as Taco Bell’s, using trim ground turkey with little fat?  Would the seasoning be spicy enough?   There was no hot sauce if not.  Soon enough, the tacos and zucchini fries were ready and all conversation stopped!  Only moans of satisfaction could be heard.  Making tacos proved to be more than enjoyable, it turned out to be juicily delectable!