Working in two groups helped speed salmon, veggie prep

My Daughter\'s Kitchen Kitchen Notebook week 2, fall 2017-01112017-0003
Lynda Nyenpan, Asiyah Mayfield-West, Makayla Major, Camelle Wilkins and Samyah Evans try the glazed salmon and vegetables that they learned to make during week 2 of the fall 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Community Partnership School.

This week we were met with a lot of excitement for the Glazed Salmon recipe. Lots of hands went up for the job of cutting the vegetables and marinating the Salmon so we spilt into two groups and worked in teams for the salmon and the veggies. 

When it came to sitting down to eat, the salmon had lots of positive responses " its tastes amazing" was mentioned quite a few times and even Lynda who had never tried salmon before loved it and finished her plate first including all her vegetables after claiming that she 'doesn't like broccoli'.