Turkey tacos, zucchini fries tastier with a splash of hot sauce

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Peru Wilmer shows Michaela McFadden how to bread zucchini fries during week 6 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Boys and Girls Club of Camden County.

The students had been looking forward to making the turkey tacos and zucchini fries. They began by each taking a vegetable to prep. Then they divided into two groups, one making the turkey mixture and mushrooms, and the other making the zucchini fries. The turkey mixture came together easily as Tynesha Keller managed the pan. Shaleyska Alers cooked the mushrooms and she was surprised at how much they shrunk when they cooked. The zucchini fries took the most time as Michaela McFadden worked to cover the fries evenly with cornmeal. Everyone agreed that this was their favorite meal so far. They liked the crispy outside to the zucchini fries and the mixture of the flavors in the tacos. All wished it was spicier. Michaela McFadden said "The meal was delicious. It tasted better with a bit of hot sauce, but it was good. I'd give it a 9 of 10 stars. The preparation was easy and the fries were soft and delicious. The tacos were absolutely delicious. Today I learned how to properly cut an avocado."