Tuna patties packed with protein and nutrients

Photos - local - boys club week5
Peru Wilmer, Alondra Lopez, Shaleyska Alers, Tynesha Keller, Michaela McFadden, and Dylan Marrero gather to eat the tuna patties and the green beans that they learned to make during week 5 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at the Boys and Girls Club of Camden County.

The students were excited to create two dishes. Each volunteered for a job cutting up vegetables or mixing ingredients. As they were prepping the meal, the group named different kinds of protein, why protein is good for you, and why fish is a good source of protein and nutrients. They were surprised how big tuna fish can grow. Each took a turn mixing the tuna patty ingredients with their hands and then making patties. They learned how to manage the cooking time with two different dishes. Michaela McFadden said "The preparation was quite easy even though we had to prepare two things." Alondra Lopez said "When I squished the mix, it felt very bready but also soft at the same time." Shaleyska Alers said "It smells really good when it's cooking." They all enjoyed both the tuna patties and the green beans.