Tuna patties and roasted green beans meal a '10 out of 10'

Photos - local - loesche week5
Adam Khashab watches as Mason Schihl mixes the bread crumbs and tuna mixture during week five of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Loesche.

This week’s recipe, Tuna Patties, is new for everyone, including Susan Munafo & Jane Pupis. We are also using the suggested changes in the recipe. Adam Khashab began peeling and chopping the zucchini with our sub, Shamil Temirov. Solomiia Dilai wanted to juice and to zest the lemon, along with chopping the rind. Jada Montgomery helped Mason Schihl measure the spices and mix everything together. “This is like making cookies,” said Mason. The patties and the green beans cooked up quickly in our new oven.

Shamir thought the beans tasted like WaWa Hash Browns, although we all liked them plain, without the lemon. Jada gave the  whole meal “9 out of 10.” Then Solomiia shouted, “I give it a 10 out of 10!”