Stuffed pepper filling 'moist, tender, and meaty'

Emily Tolentino chops cabbage for the quick slaw that students made during week 4 of the fall 2016 My Daughter's Kitchen program at Blessed Trinity Regional Catholic School.

The halls, three stories above the kitchen in which our fifth graders worked on their latest recipe, were redolent with the sweet perfume of roasting peppers. The student chefs and even former MDK chefs who were attracted by the delicious smells thoroughly enjoyed them and the slaw. Samantha O'Brien summarized the class's feeling, "The stuffed pepper was really good. I think that the cabbage slaw was a little sweet, but still good."  Emily Novak noted that the stuffing was, "moist, tender, and meaty". But  that the peppers themselves were a little "rubbery".

Jim Zaccario