Strawberry-rhubarb bars a chance to learn about careful measurement in baking

Photos - local - boys girls club week 7
Dylan Marrero and Michaela McFadden learn to prepare Strawberry Rhubarb crumble bars during week 7 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Boys and Girls Club of Camden County.

All of the students were excited that they were making a dessert in addition to the main meal this class. They were very curious about the Moroccan Chicken Couscous dish. The students learned about Morocco, where it was and how to pronounce it. None of them had eaten eggplant or couscous before. They enjoyed measuring and smelling all the new spices they put into the stew. In addition, the students learned that it is very important to be accurate in measuring your ingredients when you are baking. Shaleyska Alers said this about the strawberry bars, "I didn't know that it matters so much to put the right amounts in the food that you are making. I can't wait until I can eat it, it smells so good." As the group enjoyed the meal together, they liked the texture of the couscous and how all the flavors of the ingredients mixed together in the dish. Michaela McFadden enjoyed the meal and said "The couscous dish was pretty good. The bars were good but a little sour."



Picture: Dylan Marrero, Michaela McFadden