Rhubarb a pleasant new taste for the cooking students

Photos - local - lasalle week 7
Nathan Scott measures couscous during week 7 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at LaSalle Academy.

What a world of difference in the confidence level of the kids in week 7 compared to week 1. They walk into the kitchen and immediately want to know what the menu is and what the jobs are. Their facial expressions say it all - sometimes a skeptical look, sometimes a turned up nose, sometimes a smile.  Sometimes they even say "I'm not going to like that!"

This week was ALL smiles! They enjoyed it so much that are going to replicate it for their families next week. Brant Paul cleaned his plate and said it was by far his favorite dish. Gena Whitaker loved the soft, crunchy and sweet texture of the strawberry rhubarb bars.  The taste of rhubarb was a first for the children and they were all pleasantly surprised.


Attached are a few photos from the week:

Photo 1: Nathan Scott

Photo 2: Gena Whitaker