Cooks learn to prep herbs, marinate and hold a knife safely

Aalayah Williams tosses cauliflower with seasoning during week 2 of the fall 2016 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at TeamUp Philly at Shepard Rec.

Our young cooks all loved taking turns tossing our main ingredients in a big bowl to coat evenly with the oil and seasonings, and we hardly spilled a drop!  Johnae Pannell liked learning how to crush the garlic, before removing the peel and chopping it. Imani Gallashaw said her favorite part of class was learning how to hold a knife, because the way she was holding it before was dangerous!  With an abundance of garden fresh herbs, everyone got to smell and taste the rosemary and thyme.  They were really strong before they were cooked, but we all enjoyed the flavors in the chicken and cauliflower.  Everyone was proud to have prepared a delicious meal, which we served family-style, and there were no leftovers!