No need for taco seasoning in this flavorful turkey variation

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Christina Sun, Navneet Goraya, and Simon Vorhees prepare turkey and mushroom tacos during week 6 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University.

The turkey tacos with zucchini fries were a big success.  "This is probably one of my favorite foods we have prepared. The tacos had turkey and mushrooms which tasted very good together. I would definitely make this dish again," announced Navneet Goraya.  "The flavor profile from the balance of spices was amazing and made for a tasty aromatic cooking experience," added Simon Vorhees.   Christina Sun won't be using any taco mix in the future.  "The turkey was well seasoned without needing any taco mix which is what I usually use at home."