Mostly positive reviews for tuna and salmon patties

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Johan Acevedo-Gonzalez,Darya Radzevich, Matthew Dumyak, Layla Bevan,and Lea Schwegel arrange the tuna patties and green beans on a sheet pan during week 5 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Comly.

The junior chefs entered the kitchen and couldn’t wait to learn all of the new cooking skills coming their way.  Lea Schwegel expertly chopped the zucchini down to ¼ inch pieces, while Darya Radzevich chopped up the onion.  Across the table, Layla Bevan diced the celery into finely cut slices.  Johan Acevedo-Gonzalez zested the lemon while Matt Dumyak cut up the green beans.  The next step had some of them concerned — using albacore tuna.  “The tuna looks nasty!” remarked Johan. Mrs. Craley thought we should compare tuna with salmon.     Regardless, the can of tuna was opened, and along with it was a can of salmon.  “That way, we can compare them,” said Lea Schwegel.  The vegetables were added to each fish along with breadcrumb for the tuna and quinoa for the salmon.  Mrs. Craley brought in cooked quinoa for the junior chefs to try. “The quinoa looks like beads,” said Layla Bevan.  The patties were formed along with the opinions:  “I’m more excited for the tuna patties than the salmon patties,” said Darya Radzevich.  The patties were laid out with green beans and put in the oven to roast.  15 minutes later, we sat down to eat. Lea  Schwegel exclaimed, “Mmmm, I love the tuna!”  “The tuna patties stayed together better than the salmon patties,” remarked Layla Bevan.  Mixed but mostly positive reviews, but everyone could appreciate how healthy the meal was!