What do you do with broken tuna patties? Make tuna crumble sandwiches!

Photos - local - visitation week5
Edwin Colon and Nicholas Nguyen get ingredients ready for tuna patties during week 5 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Visitation.

You can learn from your mistakes — deliciously.  When baked, our tuna patties didn’t hold together so we got tuna crumble instead.  Luckily, we had pita and lettuce and tomato and made tasty tuna sandwiches.   Combined with roasted string beans, our tuna creation made for a flavorful meal.   But we wondered about why the patties didn’t work.   Too much added for the amount of tuna?   Whatever happened, we got a delicious result!   Next time, we’ll adjust ingredients to get patties.  The famous cook Julia Child has given this advice: “Learn to cook from your mistakes as well as new recipes.  Be fearless and, above all, have fun?”  At Visitation, we have the last suggestion down!