Learning the claw method of cutting

My Daughter\'s Kitchen Kitchen Notebook week 2, fall 2017-01112017-0005
Heilyn Perez, Angelina Serrano, Mya Quero, Taalib Chandler, and Ashley Brito give a thumbs up to the glazed salmon and vegetables that they learned to make during week 2 of the fall 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Mastery Smedley.

The students this week enjoyed making the glaze for the salmon. They also took part in cutting the vegetables and learned about the bridge/claw method for cutting. They were able to step out of their comfort zone and try a fish they wouldn’t normally eat. The students described the salmon with the glaze sweet, while also pointing out a little salt from the soy sauce. All of the students enjoyed the broccoli and carrots raw and cooked. Overall the class liked the meal and said this is something they would make at home with their families. The students participated in all parts of the meal set up and preparation. They also set up and broke down the eating area once we were done.