Kids learn the secret to getting breading to stick to food not hands

Photos - local - daughter hunter week6
Leribel Rosario-Cruz and Solaria Colon get breaded zucchini fries ready for the oven during week 6 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Hunter.

 The tacos and the zucchini fries were a big hit. Everyone agreed that the zucchini fries were just as good as regular fries and more healthy. The mushrooms caused a bit of apprehension but everyone enjoyed them in the tacos.  Leribel Rosario-Cruz and Solaria Colon learned a lot of new skills at today’s class. For example, we learned how to safely dice up an avocado and how to put on breading without getting goopy hands!! We also learned and practiced how to sauté vegetables. 

Extra tacos and fries were taken home by everyone to share!