Forming tuna into patties takes a couple of tries

Photos - local - urban promise week5
Students at Urban Promise expertly prep onions for tuna patties during week 5 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program.

This week we broke the UrbanPromise junior chefs into teams since we were adding the breakfast cake from week one to our afternoon’s menu and since Chef Amy Falkenstein from the Vetri Family Foundation was our visiting chef. Ceiliyah Roman and Khannitha Nguyen took charge of the cake preparation, a chance to practice carefully measuring ingredients. Chef Amy concentrated on teaching Maxwell Brandon knife skills and Jane Berkowitz got the vegetable team chopping.  “I have not shed a single tear!” said Kaneira Williams  looking over her pile of perfectly chopped onions.  Most of the class took a turn forming the tuna patties, despite the squishy feel.  “I held mine too long,” said Teon Gardner, as his first try fell apart.  Jane Berkowitz asked the class why eggs were an ingredient in the mix.  Nyla Hannah knew:  “It helps them stick together!”  The patties went into the oven with the string beans/ “Oh, I love the smell of the onion!” said Ceiliyah as everything was cooking.  And the taste didn’t disappoint either.  The class thought the tuna cakes and beans were delicious and serving cake after—bonus!


Nyla Hannah and Kaneira Williams digging in.