Flipping tuna patties halfway through cooking gave them a burger-like crust

Photos - local - blessed trinity week5
Julio Aday and Alivia Horochiwsky get the string beans ready for roasting during week 5 of the My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Blessed Trinity.

Expectations were low for this week's recipe. Four out of the five chefs admitted to not liking fish. Some claimed that they had never had tuna.With the suggested addition of an egg and some olive oil, the students saw that they were able to make patties, or "fishy burgers". We flipped the patties halfway through the baking process and this helped them to crisp on both sides, a textural quality that was highly favored by the students. "Crunchy, crispy, moist" were several of the adjectives that the students used to describe the patties; three of the five really enjoyed them, even gobbling down seconds.