A lot of prep involved in making bland turkey tacos, mushy zucchini fries

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Kaneira Williams and Nyla Hannah slice and bread zucchini for zucchini fries during week 6 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Urban Promise.

This week’s recipe was not a very big hit with our junior chefs who asked for hot sauce and more seasoning when they sat down to eat, but it did keep them busy with many steps and tasks.  “Good thing we can multitask," said Kaneira Williams, while cutting zucchini.  “There are six of us all doing different things.”  Kaneira worked with Nyla Hannah on cutting the zucchini to resemble French fires and rolling them in their crunchy coating while Teon Gardner chopped mushrooms and Maxwell Brandon handled the  peppers, perfecting the art of the dice. The multi tasking continued as everyone took turns stirring the mushrooms and the meat and assembling the tacos. While the tacos were a bit bland to their tastebuds, the zucchini fries were an interesting take on the fast food classic.  “They actually taste like French fries,” said Teon Gardner.  “Mushy French fries.”