Week 8: 'Next week I'm going to make dinner!'

St. Martin of Tours students Hillary Wong, Dina Odehouri, Iris Sanchez, Phoenix Diaz, and Clifton Debrosse receive their certificates and awards at the last class of the My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program, Spring 2016.

For the final meal at Saint Martin of Tours, it was a unanimous vote to prepare the Curry Chicken,  Crudite and Homemade Ranch, and Strawberry Shortcake. The students made the main dish the week before, so they were ready to cook. They practically made the entire meal without any assistance from the adults! The meal was finished in enough time that each one could enjoy quality time with the special invited dinner guests. At the end of the meal, the students took time to express one thing they were really glad they were able to learn. Phoenix Diaz, Hillary Wong, Dina Odehouri, and Iris Sanchez were all very happy about learning how to use a knife properly and speedily. Clifton Debrosse was happy that he learned how to peel and dice certain foods. The students have truly become master chefs in the kitchen, in more ways than one, and are excited to continue cooking new foods at home. Phoenix Diaz even said to his family, "Next week I'm going to make dinner!"  - Ashley Stadtfeld & Pattie Farrell