Week 7: Fascinating ingredients made fabulous meal

Selena Rivera, Bibeta Nana, and Riely Brown prepare the week 7 My Daughter’s Kitchen recipes at TeamUp Philly. The students prepared strawberry shortcake and curried chicken with cauliflower, apricots, and olives.

Our students were fascinated by the variety of seasonings in the chicken marinade.  Some were new to them, and some, like cinnamon, were unfamiliar in a savory dish.  The combination of cauliflower (definitely not a group favorite!), dried apricots and salty green olives was also intriguing.  The finished dish was a huge hit!  Riley Brown "loved the seasoning on the chicken".  The vanilla yogurt was a delicious substitution for cream in the strawberry shortcake recipe .  Everyone said that the meal was "awesome!".  Selena Rivera said she was going to make the entire meal at home and Shaianne Croker said that the entire meal was the best and "we did a really good job cooking it!" 

-Elena Levitan, Beth Buckman