Week 7: The chicken was devoured

Paola Rodriguezm Taniyah Waples, and Melany Morales prepare curried chicken with cauliflower, olives and apricots during week 7 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Camden Promise Charter School.

I'm so proud of Camden Promise's Paola Rodriguez for willingly trying the vanilla yoghurt, a new food, and liking it.  Not surprisingly, the strawberry shortcake was a hit, and a draw for Paola, Taniyah Waples, and Jose Vivar's cooking prowess.  Melany Morales tackled the curried chicken recipe solo with spectacular results.  Although the students selectively enjoyed the cauliflower, apricots, and green olives, the chicken was devoured.  We will repeat these recipes for our guests next week.

- Jane Elkis Berkowitz and  Jessica Petthyng